Dec 302013

Fire of Enthusiasm

The philosopher B. Zu Tavern has written: “Before water will generate steam it has to boil. An engine won’t move an inch until the steam gauge registers 212 degrees. The person without enthusiasm is trying to move the machinery of life with lukewarm water. Only one thing can happen; he will stall. Remember, enthusiasm is electricity in the battery. It’s vigor in the air, it’s the warmth in the fire, it’s the breath in all things alive.

It is that mysterious something that turns an average person into an outstanding individual.
It makes an old person young, and without it a young person becomes old.
It is the hidden spring of endless energy.
It is that beautiful force that carries us from mediocrity to excellence.
It turns on a bright light in a dull face until the eyes sparkle and the personality brightens with joy.
It is the spiritual magnet that attracts helpful and happy people to become our fruitful friends.
It is the joyful emotional fountain that bubbles up, attracting persons to come to our side and drink from the joy that rises out of our heart
.It is the happy song of a positive person who sings an inspiring message to the world: "I can! It’s possible! We’ll do it.”

Enthusiasm is that long sought after fountain of eternal life. Old men stop to drink of its elixir and suddenly dream new dreams. Marvelous, miraculous, mysterious new strength surges through the old bones. Discouragement fades like the morning fog in the shining sun. Suddenly you catch yourself whistling, noticing birds flying, seeing the glorious shape of the white clouds against blue sky. From deep within you a new song breaks forth. You whistle. You sing. Now you are alive again!

Norman Vincent Peale

Dec 252013

Ego Destroys Love

The difficulty with ego is that it is deeply concealed. Most of us don’t even know we have it. Ego destroys love. It destroys the ability to learn, so there is no more give and take. No more love. We go through many kinds of situations all day long so we should make sure we don’t stop exchanging love. Ego can be overcome by developing humility.