Aug 292014

Give it your best, God will do the rest

god is thereHow many times a day do you remember or think of HIM? Did you think of HIM today? If yes, was it to make a request or to thank HIM for something you received? Barring a handful of people, many of us take the name of the Almighty only when we are in distress and can’t turn anywhere else for help. And as soon as help is received in some form or the other and the problem is resolved, we simply move on. The next time we remember HIM would be when we’re faced with yet another challenge. Of course, there is no denying that there are people who remember to thank him for staying by their side and sailing with them during rough tides and hand-holding them to the shore. That’s how I would wish for all of us to be. I would like each one of us to be thankful. Further, we should remember that every time we’re faced with an issue, we’re actually given an opportunity to learn something from it, become a better person, and carry a message for our children. Life’s trials are not obstacles but stepping stones at the end of which lies wisdom and priceless experience.

Once upon a time, deep in the jungle there lived a pregnant deer that was due to give birth any minute. She went in search of a safe and conducive place to have her baby when she got into labor. At that very moment the skies got filled with dark clouds that invited a lightening. The lightening struck so hard that it started off a forest fire. As bad as it already was, the poor deer was hanging on the noose of death with a hunter aiming at her from the left and a hungry lion waiting to pounce on her from the right. That was it! Her mind got clouded with fear of being killed by one of the three, the fire, hunter or the lion. Then she suddenly paused and told herself “Hey, wait a minute. I must have my baby.” And that thought put her on the road to a progressive labor. Although the lion and the hunter were right there, she changed her focus to her baby keeping her faith in God, all the time. As if by magic, a lightening struck and blinded the hunter because of which his aim missed the deer and hit the lion instead. The dark clouds opened up a shower of rain that doused the forest fire while the deer gave birth to a healthy fawn.

Always remember HIM even when you’re happy and thank him for making this day a fruitful and happy one. And when faced with a challenge, keep your faith in HIM and focus in resolving the problem at hand. You will realize that each and every element of the problem gets resolved one by one and the problem at large ceases to exist anymore.